At AEG, we believe that surveying is more than just taking simple measurements. We know that surveying is the first step of the construction project and that the rest of the planning, design, and construction work follows. Our professional team uses the latest surveying technologies, such as drones and lasers, to provide design and construction surveys for a variety of projects.

Our team cooperates with different governmental agencies, developers, and other stakeholders to ensure that our surveying services are as accurate as possible while delivering a quality survey that guarantees that the next phases of the project move along smoothly and without issue.

We specialize in:

• Perimeter
• Topographic
• As-Built Surveys
• Construction stakeout, inspection, and management
• Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Surveys
• Wetland Line Delineation Location
• As-Built Surveys
• Tower Mapping Survey
• FAA 1A Survey
• FAA 2C Survey
• Flood Zone Analysis
• Alta Surveys

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